New Year's Resolutions

Creating new year’s resolutions can be very helpful as it sets goals that you want to achieve in that year but sticking to it can become a challenge. You could forget about it or realise that you set yourself an unrealistic goal that you would need a lot longer than a year or put too much stress on you.

If you have never worked out in your life but you decide that your new year’s resolution is going to be to work out every day. Chances are you aren’t going to be able to complete that because it is physically and mentally exhausting and your body is not going to be able to cope. 

So in this article, we are going to look at how you can set new years resolution that you can work towards and eventually achieve by the end of the year!

Identify Your Problems Or Areas Of Improvement

The first step that you need to take when coming up with a resolution Is to create a list of things that you want to improve in your life or something that you want to achieve. These things that you write down should be things that will be a challenge but not things that are impossible to complete in just 365 days.

On your list, you should pick something more general like “Become more fit” or “Lose x amount of weight’ instead of saying “Work out 3 times a week”. In this stage, you are just trying to identify the problem and not the solution. “Become more fit” is the problem you want to solve and “work out 3 times a week” is your solution.

Ideally, you want to think of a few areas of improvement because you can create more than one new year’s resolution. The more problem you identify the better because you can look and an overall view of your life. The whole point of a resolution is to improve your lifestyle and make yourself a better person.

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Find A Solution

Once you have a list of all your problems or goals, you want to start looking into ways that you can achieve that. For each item on your list think about a different solution that you can think of and write them down. It may be for somethings you may only have one or two different ways of doing it but for others, you may have many different ideas.

After you have another list of all your solutions pick the best one from each problem or goal. Now you need to pick your favourite goals and solutions that you want to achieve that year. These should be the ones that you think are the most important and will give you the largest benefits in the long run.

You can stick with just one main goal or you can have a few but I would say you don’t want more than 3 as more than this will make it has to stick to your new year’s resolutions.

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Make Your Goals Visual

These 3 things will then become your new year’s resolution that you are going to work towards. However, forgetting your goals is really easy because they are just imaginative things and you have no way to remind yourself of them. Having them written down on a post-it note that you stick on your fridge is no use because you are never actually going to read it.

Instead, you want to create a more visual way of seeing what you want your end goal to be. So ideally you want a picture of your end goal that is nice and big for you to stick somewhere in your house that you know you will see every day. This means that you will be reminded of what you are working towards.

You could also make a board filled with pictures of your end goal and what it is you want to achieve with your new year’s resolutions. All the pictures should be super relevant and be motivational.

You can really easily do this using a tool like Canva. Canva is free graphic software that anyone can use and it is super easy to get started with!

Sticking To Your Goals

Now that you have a visual way of representing your goals, you want to make sure that they are in a place that you will see them all the time so you can be reminded of what you are working towards. You could put it up on the wall across from your bed or in your office just as long as it is somewhere that you will see it a lot.

Every time that you do something to help you towards achieving your new year’s resolution, you need to reward yourself and acknowledge that you are one step closer to being a better person.


Coming up with new years resolutions can be a challenge but there are ways to do it in a few simple steps. Once you have your goals you just need to pull them off which is much easier said than done but you can do it!

What are your new year’s resolutions for the new year?

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